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Peri Smilow


Where Was God

Words and Lyrics by Peri Smilow
© 1998 Peri Smilow  (BMI)

Where was God
When the match was kindled
Where was God
When the hatred was learned
What can we do when our neighbors’ world is shattered
What can we do

Fires are burning in the house of the Lord
It’s been 30 short years since they were burning before
And oh how we struggled to get where we’ve come
We can’t let them take away all that we’ve won  (chorus)

There was a man who spoke of a time
When they came for the gypsies and he said nothing
Then they came for the gays and still he said nothing
Because he was not gay
Then they came for the blacks and the Jews
And the young and the old
And he said nothing
And when they finally came for him
There was nobody left (chorus)

updated: 12 years ago