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Peri Smilow



Everything you need to promote Peri

Here you'll find everything you need to learn more about Peri and her music or promote an upcoming appearance. These items are also found individually in separate catagories to your left.  If you are only looking for a bio, press photo or poster it may be easier to simply click on that link to the left.

Click below to download Peri's entire PRESS KIT. Be patient . . . this is a .zip file containing many files - it may take a while to download!  In it you will find Peri's:

•  ONE SHEET - perfect for learning more about Peri and her music. Can be used to present to your event planning committee.
•  BIO - learn more about Peri's music and her work.
•  TESTIMONIALS/QUOTES - comments from others who have hosted Peri and had lots to say about their experience.
•  PHOTOS - high resolution and can be used to attract local press.
•  POSTERS - can be downloaded to promote your event widely within your community or just to hang on your wall!

updated: 11 years ago